Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Anyone have a working VCR to unload?

My typical Tuesday night presents a dilemma. Do I watch Scrubs and The Office, NBC's dual showcases of sardonic hilarity and clever interpersonal musings, or House, Fox's gripping new medical drama featuring moral quandaries and gorgeous, gorgeous men?

Those of you lucky and tech-friendly enough to own TiVo (or a similar DVR) are surely shaking your heads and clucking your tongues in pity. I know; TiVo, Playstation 2, flat-screen TV, and decent speakers -- these devices are all on my Best Buy shopping list as soon as I begin earning a decent salary (and, ironically, losing any time to enjoy them). Thus far I've managed to survive armed with only a basic TV I've owned since high school and my similarly aged DVD player and VCR. And cable, of course. Last fall, my VCR, much to my despair, gave up the ghost. Or, more pointedly, she fell into a persistent vegetative state. She can still play tapes, but seems to lack the capacity to record new things. And my DVD player, obviously, doesn't record. And so I'm stuck, like a typical family in the early 80s, with an economist lurking, unwelcome, on my shoulder. The opportunity cost of watching Scrubs and The Office is, not only the completion of work that I ought to complete, but also this week's chance to drool over Robert Sean Leonard and puzzle over a frightening medical mystery.

And until I bite the bullet and pony up for a new VCR (unlikely, given my eccentric and utterly unsensible (insensible?) spending choices), my Tuesday nights will remain, sadly, unfulfilled in one way or another. That is, until I discover the secret to time travel. But, sadly, I think it likely that my good Lord has decided, in his wisdom, that 24 hours in the day is quite enough for me. And NBC and Fox, sadly, have apparently decided that the shows falling in this time slot are substitutes, rather than complements. Someone needs to park an economist on their shoulders.


At April 12, 2005 at 8:35 PM, Blogger Micah said...

So what was your choice? "Scrubs" and "The Office" were pretty good tonight. I soooo can't wait until the first season DVDs of the former are released next month, as I only got into this show last season. As for "The Office," I gave the British one a chance last year, but didn't really care for it (and it's not b/c of the whole Brit thing - I dig British humour). The American one I like, though.

I'm hoping to get a DVR shortly. That will be a great day. TV and herpes won't slow me down!

How much does a new VCR go for nowadays? $25?

At April 12, 2005 at 8:57 PM, Anonymous JCA said...

If you can convince my husband to part with it (and please, please, do feel free to try -- I will wholeheartedly support you on this), we have a brand new TiVo in its original box in the storage closet. We have no TV, and no intention of acquiring one anytime soon. The TiVo was a gift from a coworker of hubby's who didn't know this about us. He wants to keep it as a memento of the giver, but I sure would love to see it go to a better home.

At April 13, 2005 at 8:36 AM, Blogger The Law Fairy said...

Micah -- I was in the mood for laughs, so I went the NBC route. I've always like Scrubs, though I've missed most of the last season and am trying to get caught up plot-wise. The Office is great -- Steve Carrell is one of those underexposed comedians who, it seems, is finally getting his due. I loved him on The Daily Show. I don't know if they even sell VCRs anymore.

JCA -- you've just sold out your husband. I'm not going to stop bothering him now :) I would be so very, very good to that little TiVo. He could even come over to visit it if he wanted.


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