Monday, March 28, 2005

Maximum Slackitude!!

So this is it. The last few months of law school. My last gasp of freedom -- or some semblance thereof (the older you get, the more a few hours on Friday afternoon in which "all" you have to do is write a 20-page paper seems like "freedom") -- before moving on to the real world, where I have to live like a legitimate grown-up.


Classes started back today. I have an AWESOME class schedule this term. My weekends begin Thursday at 11:00 AM. I have no shame in admitting this because: 1) my blog is quasi-anonymous, 2) I've been bragging about it to all my friends anyway, so there's not much more harm I can do, and 3) anyone who would legitimately hate me for this is right now too far away to throw anything at me. I have only three and a half classes (I say "a half" because I have one class that meets for two two-hour sessions total in the next two months). Once I finish writing my last couple of papers (getting work done is surprisingly challenging when there's barely any left to do), I will have LOT of free time. A LOT. What does this mean? Let me demonstrate in a mathematical formula which I've concocted by trying to remember some of that math-type stuff I learned in, oh, high school-ish:

f(x) = {free time/work due, available credit/months until salary*yearly salary, warmer weather*clothes I haven't worn since I lived in California, fear of imminent grown-up-ness}
x = Maximum Slackitude

So there you have it. As a matter of sheer mathematical logic, it's a virtual requirement that I enjoy this quarter by doing what 3Ls do best: drinking and pretending I don't have work to do. I hereby dub this term the Term of Maximum Slackitude. I also hereby declare "slackitude" to be a word.

Now if you'll pardon me, Minesweeper beckons.


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