Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pet peeve of the day

Cashiers who hand you your change, coins on top. Coins should be placed in the hand *first* so they don't slide off the bill, and so you don't have to crumple the bill to keep the coins from tumbling to the floor. Coins first, bills on top. Is it really that difficult??

On a more humorous note:

The car insurance company who took care of my claim when Rudolfo broke his bum has taken to sending me flyers with insurance rates, trying to get me to switch over.


What I recall is that, yes, the claim agent was very nice, but he was *way* too eager to give me money. I told him that I didn't really think it was the fault of their client, it was really no one's fault, and the repairs were not that expensive, so I didn't care about making a claim. The agent was surprised and said he had never had anyone say that before. I said that I didn't see the point in raising her insurance rates to make a few bucks for myself, but if they were going to raise her rates then, duh, of course I'd take the money. He said he couldn't tell me any information about her rates, but that the company had already accepted liability for the accident. Read: her rates are going up.

Now why would I want to be insured by someone who raises rates when the other driver *says* she's not concerned about pursuing the claim???



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