Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mmmmm, siesta...

I was very tired today. Very, very tired.

I had dinner with my dad last night (he was in town for today only for a meeting), and his flight got in a lot later than expected due to nasty weather in Colorado. So dinner ended up being later than we'd planned. And after dinner he walked me home -- which was nice, and it was perfect weather for it. But this meant that I didn't get to bed until after 1:00 AM. And I got up before 6:00. I literally almost fell asleep on the elliptical trainer this morning. And then I actually did fall asleep in Bar/Bri. So after a little over an hour and a half, I just left. It was an essay workshop anyway, and I honestly don't understand why we need more than one of those. What we need to do is study the substantive materials, which requires studying at home. And, yeah, okay, I don't do that at home really, but I definitely don't do it in class. I just think, there are only so many tips you can give about the essay exams until it's just a matter of reading CMR and your outlines over and over and over until you know it better than you know your grandmother.

So I left. Not only was I tired and bored, but the room we have class in is never above, maybe, sixty degrees farenheit. And that's just too cold. I've heard it said that exercising is supposed to help you warm up more easily while you're sitting, but that's total bullshit. It doesn't even make intuitive sense -- if you're burning calories and building muscle, chances are you have less fat to keep you warm. So people who exercise would be more cold. And I'm always cold anyway, thanks in large part to my abnormally low blood pressure (inherited from my mom, who has icicles instead of fingers). So there was absolutely no reason to stay.

Instead, I went home, turned on the TV, and lay down on the couch. I was asleep within minutes, and ended up taking a three-hour nap. Mmmmmm. Then I went grocery shopping, had dinner and watched more TV. In a little while I'll go to bed. Um. I'll study tomorrow. Yeah. That's it. If I don't take another nap. I loooooove naps.


At June 23, 2005 at 1:24 PM, Anonymous jca said...

What is the deal with bar review classrooms being uniformly over-air-conditioned? I have to bring a COAT to mine, even when it's eighty degrees out.

At June 23, 2005 at 4:40 PM, Blogger The Law Fairy said...

I've started bringing a blanket. I'm contemplating a switch to an electric one.


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