Thursday, June 23, 2005

SS Grammar Troopers

Bar/Bri makes a lot of money. So I can't help but wonder why it is they can't seem to afford proofreaders.

It's seriously bad. I've actually lost count of the numerous errors. Bar/Bri, if you're listening: I would be happy to proofread your outlines for you. I'd offer to do it for a "reasonable fee" but I know that this would not constitute a legitimate offer under the common law (the applicable law since this would be a services contract). So I'll do it for five dollars per page, a fee I think you'll agree is utterly reasonable. Feel free to contact me; my contact information is on the sidebar at left.

Lest my non-Bar/Bri readers think me snobbish, I'll offer up some examples. The evidence outline is one of the worst I've seen for these kinds of grammar mistakes. It includes incomplete sentences. For instance, on page F-53, this paranthetical follows a question: "(Answer: Federal law applies. If a privilege is involved, Federal common law (decisional law) would be the correct." That is ver batim, all words and symbols, or lack thereof, included.

My friend Sarah, who sits next to me in class, is as much of a grammar nazi as I am. Today in remedies, we had to deal with the following sentence: "If there is a 'historical' record that helps to provide certainty, e.g., old vs. new business." I was staring at the sentence, confused -- because it makes no sense. It's an incomplete sentence. It has a conditional subject followed by a prepositional modifier, with no predicate. The sentence says nothing. I sat pondering this as Conviser's inflection finally made clear to me what the sentence was meant to say: "If there is a 'historical' record, that helps to provide certainty [&c.]." I absently scribbled a comma into the appropriate space. Just as I did that, Sarah glanced over my shoulder and tapped my arm, laughing. I looked at her and she pointed at her book, where she had done the exact same thing! It's so wonderful having friends who understand me.

And it would be even more wonderful for Bar/Bri to pay me for enhancing its credibility among the grammar nazis, who are legion in the law profession! Ahem!



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