Monday, July 11, 2005

Another Bar/Bri gripe

So I've been reading about other people who have done sims and then taken a class day or two to review them. Since we only have two class days left, today and tomorrow, I figured that's what ours would be. So today I came to class with only my laptop, on which I'd written my exams, and I didn't bring the in-class workbook (I didn't figure I'd need it for anything).

I walk into class, and what's going on? Another lame, basic, run-of-the-mill essay workshop. I honestly don't see the point of these beyond the first one. He never says anything new, and all of the substantive stuff he goes over we can pretty much just read ourselves. So it's a complete waste of time. I could have slept in! Grrr.

So instead I'm planning my bar trip and finalizing apartment hunting plans for this week. Thank GOD I brought my computer to class today. Maybe I'll play some Mario while I'm at it. And at least I get to go to the gym afterwards. That makes it worth the drive down here.


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