Friday, July 08, 2005

Throwing in the hat

Today Bar/Bri has due an obscene THREE essays for my location (by email -- if I'd turned them in via snail-mail they'd have been due earlier, and more staggered. But, um, why would I turn them in earlier than I had to?). Fortunately, we had no class this morning -- but I took advantage of this to sleep in, which I REALLY needed to do. Someone from the movers showed up this morning to look the place over so they can give me an estimate for moving costs, and then I set about calling yet more apartments to set up viewing appointments for next week. Vacation this won't be. Sigh. At least I get to look at a bunch of pretty LA apartments, several of which are on the beach (PLEASE let my firm put me in Century City, PLEASE let my firm put me in Century City!).

Anyway, after I took care of all of this, showered, and gathered my things, it was mid-afternoon. I marched down to my apartment's sun deck, remedies, wills & trusts, and community property reading in hand, planning to read all three and make it back to my apartment within a few hours, after which I would run to the grocery store, have dinner, and then write all three essays and prep for tomorrow's simulated essay and performance exam.

Boy, am I ambitious.

I finished remedies, almost fell asleep in the sun, walked to the grocery store, came home and snacked, talked on the phone to mom and just this moment decided that I wasn't going to do the last three essays. It's not as though Bar/Bri's comments are at all helpful (case in point: for torts, in which I had a small section talking about vicarious liability and labeled "VI. Vicarious liability," the grader wrote "you didn't address vicarious liability directly." Um? And apparently I also missed intentional infliction of emotional distress, even though the hypo was a run-of-the-mill invasion of privacy/defamation hypo -- IIED simply did not fit the facts, and I would put money on my synopsis against the grader's). To add to my recent distate for Bar/Bri, early this morning in my inbox was my "graded" con law essay. Apparently I managed to mix up the graded assignments book with one of the 5,034 other practice books we have, and had answered the wrong essay question. TWO AND A HALF WEEKS LATER they have sent me an email saying simply that I was supposed to do the GAA question (DUH) and that since they couldn't tell what question I was answering they couldn't give me a grade.

This is what they charge $3K for???????

Tonight, I'll study some for the Day of Hell tomorrow, and then I'm watching a movie.


At July 8, 2005 at 8:34 PM, Blogger Roonie said...

I want a sundeck.


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