Monday, December 12, 2005

Phone fun

I got a notice the other day that my phone bill is late. I've had it for a while and meant to pay it, but first I wanted to call them and point out that they've overcharged me, AGAIN. Which is just no fun, because they have limited business hours, meaning I have to call while I'm at work. And even though lately I have no work to do, I just don't like having to call the phone company while I'm at work. It's just WRONG of them to make me do that. And then they make me wait on hold forever, which means getting a sweaty ear or having to close the door and turn on the speakerphone. But I already closed the door once this morning to take a nap (I'm not lazy, I just didn't get much sleep last night. Hehe) and my firm generally has an open-door policy. Someone definitely noticed, too, because they slid an envelope under my door when the mail people came by this morning. But it looks like I'll have to do it since the bill is due tomorrow and I really don't want to lose internet for what would surely be a week or so (once they cut you off, it takes them FOREVER to hook you back up).

Sigh. Stupid Verizon.



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