Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I couldn't be a Communist if I tried

If I was old enough, I may have been able to play Veruca Salt without really having to act (okay, I'm probably *slightly* less bratty). I like having stuff. Like, owning stuff. Buying things and just having them, even if I rarely or never use them. I have movies I never watch, CDs I never listen to, games I never play, books I never read. With very few exceptions, I don't regret buying a single one of them. I'm the stereotypical annoying American materialist. There's no surer pick-me-up than racking up huge charges on my United Mileage Plus Visa (I *really* need to cash in on some free trips from that thing) and taking home my shiny new things and unwrapping them. I actually derive independent merriment from removing the plastic wrappers and seals from new media. I'm sure it's indicative of some sort of mental illness.

So last week I added to my disgustingly opulent collection during a series of visits to Best Buy (I love when I see my brother; he always makes me get out to Best Buy. I love that place more than most GUYS do) and Target. Among the spoils: The original Star Wars movies on widescreen DVD (finally!), the fourth season of Futurama, the first season of Arrested Devlopment (thank God it's been renewed for a third season! Jump on the bandwagon, people!) and, my favorite thing of all, an iPod Mini! Which goes perfectly with the iCozy odderie crocheted for me right before leaving town. iPods are WAY too much fun. Instead of lame up/down arrows, you move your finger around on the circular touchpad to toggle between menu options and adjust the volume. HOW COOL. I feel like I'm in a futuristic movie, especially since EVERYONE has one of these things, kind of like this new futuristic magical box is ordinary. Ha! It is far from ordinary! It is the receptacle within which gospel music and the Devil's rock-and-roll coexist in peaceful symbiosis. It contains more data than I could peruse in three days. It has captured my soul. I heart my magical new iPod Mini. It holds so much of my stuff! Including the new Coldplay CD, which I greedily snatched up from Borders today on my way home from Barbri.

On a completely unrelated note, JCA sent me the most hilarious link, which I simply have to pass on. The Best Star Wars Parody Yet. (And, yes, I am still in love with Hayden Christensen. What a brooding, adorable hunk.)



At June 7, 2005 at 8:01 PM, Blogger Micah said...

Did you learn nothing from Fight Club?! YOU AREN'T YOUR FREAKIN' KHAKIS!

Just kidding. I'm exactly the same way. In fact, I'd been planning a "you are what you own" blog post. If I were president, Tuesdays (new release day!) would be national holidays. My week is incomplete without a trip to Target and Best Buy.

Looking at your purchases: "Futurama." Star Wars. "Arrested Development." You, my dear, are very cool. You'll make some man very happy.

Sounds like you're enjoying the iPod Mini. Personally, I can't really justify the cost of Mac products when there are cheaper comparable stuff out there. (My attitude would be different if I was in the design or music industry). My 20 gig Zen is just about full, though. Time to start deleting songs I don't listen to often. It's the closest I'll get to Sophie's Choice.

At June 8, 2005 at 12:59 PM, Blogger The Law Fairy said...

Hehehehehe, I stole your post!

Actually, I have this strange power that enables me to read men's minds -- I can hear what men think! I've been using it to sabotage your career all along. I'm sorry! Will you still love me?

As far as making a guy happy -- I'm still missing a gamestation and big-screen TV. I am thinking of buying a PS3 when they finally come out, though.

My brother has a Zen, and he raves about it. I went the conventional route because I can't think for myself. And iPods are just so cute! If Apple had better compatibility (which I guess really isn't Apple's fault, but still), I would have a Mac instead of my POS Dell. Someday, perhaps.


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