Saturday, August 27, 2005

Not gone but...

Well, travel and post-bar recovery have left me little in the way of that particular combination of time, energy, creativity and enthusiasm I need to update this blog regularly. As penance for my delinquency, and as a reward for your patience, in the next month or so I plan to enhance and once again regularly contribute to my blog. Among the things I plan to include:

>A permanent link to a travel journal I'll be typing up in the near future, along with pictures. This way I'm able to tell you all stories about my recent adventures without clogging my regular blogging space, thus avoiding boring those who aren't interested in my travels and enabling myself to keep delivering the fun, irrelevant blog-type commentary you enjoy or tolerate, whatever the individual case may be.

>Regular polls on whatever subject I feel like polling.

>Occasional arbitrary contests, the reward of which is yet to be determined (high value not guaranteed).

I'm also going to try to set up my own cafepress store, since everyone else is doing it and why shouldn't I get money for peddling my crap- er, brilliant wares to others?

On a sadder note, jca plans to retire her blog at the beginning of the month. A good friend of mine and blogging superstar (one of the faithful few who's been around since back in the day), she encouraged me to start my little blog, for which I'm forever grateful. Unfortunately, her judge does not look so well on blogs, so to the blogosphere's great loss all that will remain for future generations are her archives -- well worth the read, by the way. I've no idea what my firm's position is on blogging, but the way I see it, as long as I abide by California rules of professional conduct, there's no reason to cancel my blog, especially considering how young it is. Also, I use a pseudonym (ahh, there is a reason for it), so I'd be surprised if they found out about it anyway. Plus, it's California. I mean, really.

So, I'm around for now -- or at least I will be once I have my moving affairs in order. The tail end of my vacation is being spent with my family in Colorado and waiting for word from the moving company that my things will be delivered. Those of you who haven't already left for greener blogging pastures, thanks for sticking around as my life churns into gear. I'll try to make it worth your while.


At August 27, 2005 at 6:27 PM, Blogger JCA said...

I've missed you, wuvvles. Can't wait to hear about your journeys.

Blogging shouldn't be a problem at the firm so long as you nevah-evah blog about work. Pseudonyms are less of a protection than you think, but staying off topic won't earn you any enemies.


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